Why Start This?

An intro, of sorts


It is strange, in the few months that I have been introduced and involved in the Fediverse... it has been both the least human interaction I've really ever had in my life outside of work, and also the least lonely I've ever felt.

The reasoning is? The Fediverse.

It has become a place where I never truly feel alone. A place where I feel free to express and to share what I truly think without worry about how I will be received.

No one on here has any preconceived notions of me. They take me at face value and create their judgement of me from what they actually see of me.

And, knowing how the fediverse works, I have the freedom to act, knowing that if there is a difference, if myself and another do not see eye to eye, it is simple to remove each other from view and move on.

Life does not end, it does not change.

It is great.

And so, why the blog?

Because sometimes I want to rant and I want to go into detail.

And I feel like I don't have enough room on the main TL without taking up 50 million toots in a row.

And, so. I have this.

The posts may be disjointed. There may be a deeply political rant followed by an excerpt of the fanfiction I am writing. I might have a bullet point list of every way a guest at work was rude to me followed by a long thought out list of questions and ideas about the future.

This is a place for longform thought.

Also, I will use this as a place to answer questions or thoughts that people may have that might take up more space. So, feel free to ask questions to me on here or through my main account magicalmilly@elekk.xyz