Feedly: An Argument for Feedback

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Feedly is an app and service that aggregates internet content, be it links, video channels, RSS feeds or social posts. It's a way to experience the internet without having to see ads and extraneous content. It provides you with a feed to the link you are following and keeps track of what you have seen so that you can easily get notified about new content without having to visit a website, blog or social media platform.

But how does Feedly react to user input, and how easy is it to connect with Feedly regarding user suggestions and bugs.

In today’s market, ignoring a customer or client needs or being slow to adapt can cause the rise or fall of a business, as there are too many options and alternatives out there for companies to take giant missteps.

Where does it go?


It is not possible to contact Feedly through the mobile app for customer service or to submit bugs and feedback. Instead you can visit the desktop website and find the contact email, which through conversation you can be invited to a feedback website:

Feedly User Voice

The process is not simple or straightforward. In most apps, the process involves opening your app of choice, clicking help or submit and then being taking to a dialogue or website that lets you instantaneously input your chosen bug or feedback suggestion.

This disconnect means that Feedly will only receive a fraction of user input from those who are committed to finding the information.

In a way the name is fitting, the app, Feedly, serves up content one way, instead of a two way street, unless uers are able to navigate the website and connect with the community hidden away online.

User Research

feedback 2

With the prevalence of big data, and the ability of new tech companies to do more with more data, the question remains why a company would make it more difficult to get free user research.

It costs money to do survey, focus groups and in-depth interviews and getting free user feedback is a great way to alleviate some of this spend or to supplement the core research.

The product is nothing without the users and when users feel like they don't have a voice, they tend to abandon a product or service, and join one of the many other emerging technology companies.

The irony is not lost that the Feedly community board is called 'User Voice' when app users who are confused as to how to contact Feedly, feel that they don't have a voice.

You can visit Feedly on the web.