#2 - how to

step by step

here is the open list:


you can follow the step by step or fill out freely.

if you are a admin and you are not listed yet, feel free to fill in your information by yourself:


STEP 1: please fill in your instance name.

STEP 2: please fill in your instance adress.

STEP 3: a single instance can also be checked at a "whois"-webside. it tells you where an instance is physically hosted. we last used: https://whois.domaintools.com/

STEP 4: fill in the result or your company name under "Hosting-Provider".

STEP 5: you are free to fill in every information you think is important to know about your renewable energy use. you can also take a look at those who already filled out.

Our goal is to make the information about the use of energy more transparent, so that everyone can decide or judge for themself if it‘s green enough for their personal use. see also:


thanks for your help! #greenfediverse #fediverseforfuture