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Kultura się skończyła 2

Może trochę szerzej.

Banco de Bolsocrimes

STM32F103 from "Scratch" lab notes

I trail do románico

en Santiago de Breixa, Silleda

Dimito como moderador de Correr en Galicia

pois apetéceme dar as grazas e explicarme

Kultura się skończyła.

The Self Hosted VidCast Ep1

Yunohost dashboards, installing Yunohost and How important coffee is.


Choosing Yunohost and The Fediverse

Testing embdding a PeerTube Video

I wanted to try it

Your Overton Window

Short Story Dystopian

Microsoft Goofs Updates Again

Evidence shows FBI not only knew Hillary was guilty, but that best bud Sydney Blumenthal wanted access to ‘billions’ of dollars.

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Update 1: the futuuuuure

Exactly a year and a month ago, I left my job at Archos and around July, I started to work again on a 2015 project called QuickDoc(...)

Pour l'amour de mon plancher (2014)

Nous nous sommes si souvent trompés

Mention suicide, texte

Pour aller où ?

Je nous sens perdre pied

Monté du fascisme, serons-nous épargnés ? Article de blog. Neg, mention suicide.

Encore une insomnie, essence de ce blog

Il est six heure trente

Drawing waves with JS Opus Recorder


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